Orders can be placed through a Google Form available on the business' website. Steven Bryant, of the Vermont Hospitality Collection, the group that ...
Restaurants adapt to takeout model
Subscribe Toggle navigation Restaurants adapt to takeout model Posted Sunday, March 29, 2020 7:21 pm Don't miss the big stories. Like us on Facebook.   By Luke Nathan, Manchester Journal

MANCHESTER — The region's restaurants are adjusting their operations amid the coronavirus outbreak and Gov. Phil Scott's order that they can offer food only through takeout or delivery.

Zoey's Deli and Bakery, a popular lunch spot located at 539 Depot St., in Manchester, is now only accepting to-go orders, with no walk-in customers permitted, according to its Facebook page. Customers can enter the deli to retrieve their orders from a shelf inside the shop, or they can opt to have their orders walked to their car in the parking lot.

"We have taken this time to address some high level items on our To Do list that we paradoxically felt too busy to tackle earlier and moved them from the back burner to the front," Sandy Papanek, whose family owns the deli and 50 percent of Zoey's Double Hex, located at 1568 Depot St., wrote in an email.

The governor's takeout and delivery-only order for restaurants, which took effect on March 17 and will last until at least April 6, prompted Zoey's to work "full steam ahead on getting a mobile friendly, robust online ordering system up and running for both businesses," Papanek wrote. The system was "something we have discussed for years, but with a line out the door most days, we never felt it to be pressing."

The deli has "seen great demand for our quarts of soup, loaves of bread and salads that our customers are taking home to use for simple family dinners," Papanek wrote. "At the Double Hex demand has been solid for our timeless comfort food (who doesn't need a little extra comfort now)?"

Customers "have offered incredible support, not only buying meals, but buying gift cards like crazy," Papanek wrote. The business has done its "best to offer

flexible hours to employees who want to work, as well as the option to temporarily step away from work for those who choose not to work."

Orders from the deli can be placed by calling 802-362-0005 or texting 908-456-0554. The store is continuing to accept cash but prefers credit card payment.

The historic Dorset Inn Restaurant, currently closed to dine-in customers, is offering dinner via takeout and delivery from 5 to 7 p.m. every night. Orders can be placed through a Google Form available on the business' website.

Steven Bryant, of the Vermont Hospitality Collection, the group that owns the inn, the Dorset Bakery and several other establishments, said on Tuesday that a consolidated culinary crew in Dorset is experimenting with a modified menu that includes family-style meals that serve six to eight people.

The menu of the Barrows House Restaurant, another establishment owned by the same group, is being incorporated into the bakery and inn's offerings, Bryant said.

"We're adapting" and "giving it our best shot," said Bryant, who has had to lay off some staff because of the outbreak's impact on revenue, though he said he is trying to keep as many salaried employees "engaged and active" and could bring back employees if business improves.

The bakery's pizza offerings, launched about six weeks ago, have gained traction as part of the business' takeout menu, Bryant said.

Another one of Bryant's restaurants, The Publyk House, located on Route 7A in Bennington, is also offering a to-go menu that includes family-style meals.

An online catalog of many other restaurants offering takeout in the Northshire area is available at projectnorthshire.com, an effort of resident Isaac Krasny "to support our local businesses and community by centralizing information." The site allows restaurants to submit information about their hours and operations.

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