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Website builder is a great opportunity for those who want to create a site with their own hands, but at the same time do not speak any programming language.

Everyone who has worked with programming understands that this is difficult, but nevertheless we all want our sites to be on top.

It doesn't matter what you want to create: a small website for business, a website for a huge corporation, or an online store selling home-made toys - site designers will give you this opportunity.

Unfortunately, each barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment, in this case it is that transferring such a site to another hosting will be extremely difficult, because everything will need to be redone manually.

We did a review of site designers to bring a little clarity to the diversity that exists on the Internet. We selected functional and popular website designers that are worth paying attention to.

And you have to determine the best site designer for yourself.

WIX free website builder

WIX free website builder

The WIX website builder is also good for being a beginner oriented. Each element of the workshop is equipped with detailed information on its use. And if the text option is not very suitable, and you want to immediately see what and how to do, then WIX has video tutorials including such issues as setting fonts, choosing colors and backgrounds for the site, adding images, text and photo galleries as well as SEO settings.

The website builder has a user friendly interface. To add an element to the page, you just need to drag it from the toolbar. But when changing the template, you will have to work hard to put everything in its place, because WIX templates are not interchangeable.

WIX website builder supports its administrative part in translation into many languages, including German, Polish, French, Russian. More pleasantly, WIX also translates help.

One of the unpleasant moments in WIX is the extremely noticeable advertisement of the platform itself on the pages of an already published site, however, for an additional fee, this ad unit can be removed. Particular attention should be paid to the address that will be assigned to the site after publication:

http: //* account_name**approved_ by the author_site_name *

This address cannot be called convenient or easy to remember, but even the minimum plan for hosting with WIX will allow you to become the host of a domain name in areas such as .com, .org, .net, .biz, and .info.

It is also worth mentioning that WIX has more advanced plans that provide more disk space. You can use it as an online store designer with the e-Commerce plan.

In the Wix site builder, the pros and cons are as follows:

Website builder pros:

  • a large number of templates;
  • intuitive interface;

Website builder cons:

  • when changing the template, the content will have to be re-arranged;
  • in the free version there is an advertisement for a site builder;
  • in the free version, the site name is too long.

SQUARESPACE - a paid website-builder with a trial period

SQUARESPACE - a paid website-builder with a trial period

Squarespace is a paid website builder, but developers have left the opportunity to test the platform for 14 days with limited capabilities.

During the test period, it is impossible to publish your site, which means that you can not fully test all the provided options for collecting statistics and SEO.

But the main advantage of Squarespace is their templates. When you look at their templates, you get the feeling that a professional designer has been working on them for more than a month.

The samples contain high-quality photographs, so the templates are well suited for artists, musicians, sculptors and other artists to demonstrate their work.

The main difference from most other site designers is the separation of the areas of content editing and development of the very appearance or design of the site. Perhaps some users will find this uncomfortable, because what we created in the

"Edit Content" mode will not always correspond to how the material will look in the preview mode, and constantly switching between these two modes can be tedious.

Although personally, such a separation seemed convenient enough to me when, when working with a design, you don't hurt texts, which means that there is no possibility of accidental corrections.

Squarespace developers have taken care to make customizing the look of the templates as flexible as possible.

For each area of the page there is a block in which settings are made for the size, type and color of the fonts, the general background and other parameters.

However, for a beginner who is just starting to work with this site builder, such a number of options can be confusing.

In addition to many customizable parameters, Squarespace provides the ability to embed code in some areas of the site being created: the header (header), the footer of the website, as well as the "404 page".

Website builder pros:

  • high quality templates;
  • separation of the content editing area and the appearance of the site.

Website builder cons:

  • lack of a free version of a site builder;
  • the presence of restrictions on the implementation of code on the page;
  • too wide possibilities for editing templates for beginners.

WEEBLY website builder with free starter plan

WEEBLY website builder with free starter plan

If you are looking for a website builder for free and in Russian, then you should pay attention to this solution. Weebly is very suitable for a small business card site.

The free tariff has a limit of 5 pages for the site, and with the latest updates from the developers you can place a small online store on it. This designer offers its users about a hundred templates of good quality.

Also a positive feature of these patterns is their interchangeability.

Those. creating a site on one template, the author can easily transfer it to another; This feature of Weebly is positively different from Squarespace.

Although, on the other hand, interchangeability betrays their uniformity.

In Weebly, you can select the language of the administrative part, but the localization has not been thorough enough.

This aspect does not affect functionality, but introduces its discomfort.

In order to add elements to the page in Weebly, you need to drag them from the toolbar on the left, this platform is very similar to WIX, although it does not present such a variety of functional units.

By retaining only the basic elements in his palette, Weebly greatly facilitated the understanding and perception of his constructor.

Despite the small number of tools, Weebly has implemented a fairly convenient code editor. At the same time, all pages of the developed site, as well as the CSS file of the site, lend themselves to editing, which allows you to expand the author's capabilities.

Another feature of Weebly is the ability to fully edit the site in viewing mode for mobile phones.

Those the platform does not impose any restrictions on adding or removing elements in this mode, while in WIX the viewing mode for a mobile phone is greatly reduced in its capabilities. The developers of the WIX platform left only editing the orientation of the "Menu" button on the site and setting the background.

Website builder pros:

  • intuitive interface;
  • good for beginners;
  • convenient code editor;
  • there is the ability to edit templates in viewing mode for mobile phones.

Website builder cons:

  • insufficiently thorough localization;
  • the templates are mostly of the same type, but of good quality.

As a free website builder for a small business websites or small online store, Weebly might be the best option. Get ready to pay extra for the rest.

JIMDO - a paid website builder with free features

Partially free platform for creating websites, that is, you do not need to pay for the initial tariff with minimal features.

Jimdo is another version of the site builder with an intuitive interface, but for those who used to use such constructors as Weebly or WIX, in which you need to drag the necessary element to the page, it may not seem very convenient.

The principle of adding is to click on the "Plus" button in the menu of an already existing item and select the item from the drop-down list.

Nevertheless, the palette of tools that Jimdo has is quite diverse - it has everything to create a business card website and an online store.

Jimdo also has about 200 templates that are included in its free package, not to mention those that become available when purchasing JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness tariffs.

When choosing a template, we see which parts of it we can edit and which ones not. This is a very good idea, especially when we choose what exactly on our site we will focus.

Also, do not forget about the interchangeability of Jimdo templates, which will help us easily switch to a new sample.

Unfortunately, the developers did not give the opportunity to fully view the available templates, so in order to finally make a choice, you will need to do a few extra actions.

The same can be said about editing small objects - the formatting menu is uncomfortably stretched out, which makes it unclear what's what.

Particularly noteworthy is Jimdo as an online store website builder.

Many options are available for settings: the currency of the online store, the country of its legal address, based on the specified country, the value-added tax on products can be calculated, you can configure the status of goods in the store and describe the time it takes for delivery and edit the letter templates, sent to the customer.

Also in the more advanced tariff plans of JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness, you can choose payment methods for the created online store.

Website builder pros:

  • wide range of templates;
  • a good palette of tools for the online store;
  • A powerful free site building platform.

Website builder cons:

  • inconvenient display of templates when they are selected;
  • inconvenient editing of small items.

Paid WEBS WebSite Bilder with Free Package

Webs also refers to the type of constructors in which the user immediately sees what he is creating, i.e. when you publish a site on the Internet, it will look similar.

The interface is organized quite simply - in order to add an element, you need to drag it to the workspace.

However, the creators of Webs slightly confused the registration procedure by the fact that the name of the future site must be entered at least twice.

Webs has many colorful templates, but in free mode you can use only a few of them. An unpleasant moment in Webs is the time for updating the theme when it changes.

When the topic is fully updated, it will be necessary to make additional adjustments, as Templates are not completely interchangeable.

Webs has a notable opportunity - creating sites with a membership system, and not all site designers can boast of this option.

Sites of this type allow you to display part of the content only for registered and logged in users, this toolkit also allows you to manage all existing users.

While Weebly allows you to fully edit the HTML / CSS of a user's site, Webs only allows you to embed individual blocks containing HTML code.

Website builder pros:

  • intuitive interface;
  • the ability to create sites with a membership system.

Website builder cons:

  • long loading time of a new template when changing it;
  • limited code injection capabilities;
  • confusing registration and site name procedures.

Create your own website with best free website builder

Well, if you want more freedom of action and greater opportunities for your website, you can always try a full-fledged shared hosting.

We offer excellent blog hosting at an affordable price for everyone.

Which site builder to choose? I want to note that each of the listed site designers has its advantages and is designed for specific purposes.

Thus, if you are just starting out, then Weebly will suit you well because of its ease of use. If you plan to use designers on an ongoing basis and create sites of various subjects, then WIX is the best option.

To create an online store, in my opinion, Jimdo will do well with its flexible approach to setting it up.

And if you want to create your own online club, the answer will be Webs with the option of sites with a membership system.

For more experienced users, the flexible and slightly intricate Squarespace is well suited.

Of course, paid website builders vs free website builder version provides much more opportunities.

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