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In you can see the FA Cup, the Coppa Italia and much more international football, in HD and on multiple devices. Have you missed something?

Relive the best moments of all the a la carte matches. And from next season, also the Premier League.

In addition, you can also see MotoGP ™, Moto2 ™, Moto3 ™, the WorldSBK, UFC and much more with Start for Free.

All sports available in DAZN can be viewed in a single package for € 9.99 per month (without permanence) or € 99.99 per year.

In addition, the first month is free and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

What do you get with your trial Start for Free version?

  • Modern Windows development with our incomparable VCL framework
  • Fast and native cross-platform development with FireMonkey and a single base code
  • Test the Architect Edition features that include RAD Server, our InterBase ToGo encrypted and embedded database for mobile devices, and local and remote database connectivity
  • Start for Free with Watch Live Now trial editions

* After downloading the trial version of Start for Free, separate emails will be sent with download links for your free complementary tests.

The Start for Free at some time of the week gives us joy, and applications and games that are normally paid become free for a limited time.

On this occasion to start the weekend with incredible games on our iPhone and iPad, we will bring you in this article five incredible games that are normally paid but that are temporarily free on the Start for Free.

We remind you to download these applications quickly, because although at the time of writing this article they are free, they can be paid soon.

You should also remember that unfortunately some applications, even if they are paid, also incorporate integrated purchases.

Games that start become temporarily FREE

If you have had a safe Windows computer that you have played at some time when looking for mines, trying not to hit the wrong box and always get the best points without any bombs coming out.

This game is so fun and addictive while simple we find it in the Start for Free under the name Minesweeper XL that has become free temporarily.

Through this platform Start for Free with wants to support the development of the audiovisual product of other sports, which do not have space in traditional channels, and whose content distribution is very limited for fans of these modalities. The ultimate goal is to offer greater visibility and exposure to Spanish sport.

Sports fans have been at the center of development of Start for Free TV. For this, a simple interface has been implemented, with native applications, in the cloud and HD content. Thus the user can customize their contents, on multiple devices, both live and on demand.

With this project Start for Free with reinforces its commitment to sports federations within the framework of the Start for Free Sports project, helping them to have their own environment from which to address their fans.

In addition, Start for Free with wants to support the federations so that they can better understand the consumption habits of the users of these sports and be able to propose better marketing strategies for their audiovisual content and sponsorships.

In this way Start for Free with is positioned as the first major European league to develop its own OTT service, offering its fans a platform for niche sports.

Start for Free with Sports TV can now be seen on Samsung Smart TVs. Celestino García, Corporate Vice President of Samsung Electronics Iberia, has highlighted how technology and content are increasingly linked.

The advertising campaign to publicize Start for Free TV will claim “When they look at you, you give everything”, and it is the work of McCann. Thus, Start for Free with wants to show that the encouragement of fans directly affects the performance of the athlete.

Buying web service is always a lottery.

Even if the service turns out to be excellent in quality, it is far from the fact that you will like it.

Someone will consider cheap as a magnificent classic web service. How to choose the one that suits you and not go broke? To try.

For beginners who are trying to find their way around the store shelf, topics such as the economy segment.

Everything is very simple! You fill out the form below and as soon as possible you will receive an email with a username and password.

Practical information about Start for Free TV

On which devices can Start for Free TV be watched?

IOS and Android Apps for Mobile and Tablets Samsung Smart TV Mirroring (Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung) Upcoming releases of new devices (Web).

Does Start for Free TV have any cost?

All contents of Start for Free TV can be enjoyed free of charge, with the exception of Start for Free with 1 | 2 | 3, which works under subscription for a price of € 14.99 per year or € 2.99 per month.

Can you watch LaLiga Santander and Start for Free with 1 | 2 | 3 matches on Start for Free TV?

Start for Free with Santander matches are not offered on Start for Free TV, but other content such as summaries of each match, pre and post match interviews, etc. Start for Free with 1 | 2 | 3 matches can be seen live under subscription.

What sports can Start for Free TV users find?

Start for Free TV broadcast contents of practically all sports of the Spanish sports federations. Many of these sports also have their own channel.

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